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Tree Pruitt

But what about the egg, I must ask? Much attention is paid to the body of the serpent in the mound, but I believe the mouth is in fact the main focus; or target. It's my theory that the serpents tail is where we start, (this particular leg of the human journey as the mound is some sort of map). Just as life has ups and downs so we move through the "humps" of Serpent Mound until we reach the mouth. In many stories cosmic birth takes place from the mouth. We find an egg shape; birth and re-birth. However, for myself, the mystery is found in the shape adjacent to the serpent mouth. On the other side of the egg shape is something that looks akin to a wishbone. It strikes a chord in me and I can't help but feel that it has to do with travel. When I first saw the devise in the movie, "Back to the Future", I was reminded of the Great Serpent Mound; again travel, journey, time, moving towards -- something.
I was born very near the Great Serpent Mound and have pondered it through my life. I have an over head view of the mound burned into my walking staff and have visited the mound many times,(It's interesting to note that the sandstone right around the mound area has a very high concentration of quartz and silicates, I think). I find myself once again housing very near the area and compelled to share what mental nuggets I've gathered. How very interesting to have come upon THIS site -- by "chance". ;) -- Tree

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