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I love this image. It will alwyas remind me of my profound experience in walking the "Chartes" labyrinth at our local Unitarian church. The process of walking the labyrinth was much like any kind of meditative practice, complete with interjections of "thinking", despite desires to empty the mind....but the meditation time at the center brought with it new insights that other meditative practices have not, at least not in my experience with meditation. And, when I journaled about the labyrinth walk after it was over, insights were revealed about the labyrinth as "intestines" and, for me at the time, about "digesting life" - hard to put words on such a personal experience. I can only say that as a newcomer to meditation and the labyrinth, I highly recommend it. I have found the Hunab Ku: 77 Sacred Symbols book to be a very profound meditation/spiritual tool in my journey and I use the book almost daily. It travels in my bag with me and I am always amazed at the new insights that it brings into my current situation.

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