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Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

My art images are filled with the spiral in all forms. It is the very symbol that calls out to us to remember who we are. I use many symbols and metaphysical concepts within my art images as I feel they connect to everyone through the collective consciousness. They are powerful and can move people's hearts. www.suzannesart.com

Karen Speerstra

Thanks, Sheryl, for mentioning the power of three-way
conversations. For me, that calls up: my way, your way, our way.

Another way of looking at this trinity is as Otto Scharmer does in his provacative new book, Theory U, to be published this spring: the three ways are: open mind (thinking) , open heart (feeling) and open will (actions.)

I was blessed to have a wonderful Norwegian mother--Ellen Anderson--who lived that threesome. Maybe it helped that she was a Libra and weighed everything in balance, but I remember she often used to say, "Let's think about that."
"I feel this in my heart." And, "Let's just do it!"

Amy and Alan, you've done a beautiful job planting seeds for future growth.
Thank you.

Sheryl Erickson

Just this morning I was part of a three way conference call coming together to create a new organization. Logical mind had given our little circle of three the potential work name of "business development". Early on in the call, as we were spending a bit of time asking ourselves about overall intent and personal meaning of business development for the new organization, the archetype of "mother" popped into my head. The three spiral symbol from Hunab Ku came to my mind's eye right along with the word. What a powerful visual reminder as well as vivid representation of our working together as a threesome.

The symbol (as a visual image) began to spiral and dynamically come alive. Instead of thinking of the category "business development" we began to think of the function we were creating as a function of "the mother", i.e., ever mindful of gathering enough food for the family, healthy nourishment of sufficient amount and quality.

Thanks for calling our attention to this image Karen Speerstra and for the chance for Seeded Conversation, Amy Lenzo and Alan Briskin.

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