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Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

I am a spiritual artist whose work focuses on symbolic meanings, and ancient symbolism that is within our collective consciousness. I use these symbols to evoke that sense for any person viewing my images. This is my work on the planet. My main theme has been the Sacred Divine Feminine, but all my images capture co-creation ideas as well as metaphysical concepts. I am thrilled to see this site exploring these ideas! Blessings

Martine Naar

I have been fascinated with symbols since I read Jung so long ago.
I used them all the time in my practice of hypnotherapy to help clients reach their inner self. They respond sometimes beyond my own understanding.

About walking the labyrinth, I usually feel the need to cover my head, specially if I am not alone. I guess for me it is a very private experience. I am not a church goer and my spiritual life in done on my own.
I recently walked a labyrinth in open air with boxwoods hiding each row. I felt an amazing joy and gratitude when I reached the center.

I just discovered your web-page and I loved it. Great work.


Cheryl Ramcharan

Hi Amy:
Sorry to take so long to come back to the conversation - I have been exploring every little, beautiful space of this website - it is most amazing, and I am most grateful for all the work you all have been doing - no wonder our world keeps being pulled in the good direction!

"Navigating the hologram of existence", means for me that some of the ancient archetypes (many of which I am still discovering) have a very powerful effect on me. Quite likely then, they are based on some deeply imprinted experience, which I may get "pulled" by lifetime after lifetime.

Throughout my life (this one, which is all I know) I have been deeply moved by the archetypes of Christ teachings...not in a religious context, but in the way of growing a loving humanity.

Since I am so moved by this particular representation of "love", is it possible that if I join deeply with that which moves my spirit, that I will be playing out my spirit purpose in the service of our human group. And, in joining with this part of myself, will the collective consciousness be moved forward in our evolution because of the sheer love of humanity?

What archetypes hold power for you, and what do they represent for you in your life?

Cheryl Ramcharan

Amy Lenzo

I love this sense of dimensionality... can you say more about what you are seeing?

Cheryl Ramcharan

At first it possible that ancient archetypes are a way of navigating the hologram of existence?

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