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Sharon Fields

The dragon ... as a magnificent adversary ... perhaps an overwhelming challenge that demands our complete attention and highest and best efforts ... something that absolutely refuses to be ignored. I'd say I love them ... I've always found depictions of dragons mesmerizing ... it's like I have to look at them. It's very strange when I think about it, they have nothing to do with anything "real" in my life and yet they are definitely very potent images for me ... in me, they inspire awe and wonder.

Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

The dragon is my own power sign as I was born in the year of the dragon...I use these symbols and images in my spirit led art images to evoke a sense of power and to reach the hearts of others through the collective consciousness. www.suzannesart.com


I think what we need to feed the dragon is truth. As far as working as a group, you have to agree to work from love not ego. A respect for where a person is at on their path because we are not all in the same place. I think when you name your fears, you face them and lessen their power over you. Then once you are aware you can release them. I often fear I am not good enough, smart enough to take on my journey. God keeps reminding me he wouldn't have brought me to it, if he wasn't going to see me through it. Security to me means safe. The only place that is safe is in the arms of divine love.I have been given the star of David to protect me on my journey and eternal friendships to encourage play and imagination. I have come to realize I need to heal as I heal. Intention needs to be pure and selfless.

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