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Henry Guy

It is interesting that this "knowing more together" is never experienced as new or different than our true nature. It always seems more essentially and naturally who we are. In this state, individuality is not present as we normally experience it. Individuality becomes simply a point of radiation of wisdom. Yet, each point uniquely colors the output.

Cynthia Cavalli

There is a book that came out in 2004 called The Wisdom of Crowds that might be of particular interest in this conversation.

It is not a spiritual book as such but it does raise some points relevant to this conversation and very worth considering, along the lines of collective wisdom.

It appears that, under certain specific conditions, a group of people will collectively and consistently (and demonstrably) display greater knowing capability than even "expert" individuals in the group.

One required condition for this to occur in a group is diversity. Another is independence (as opposed to redundance)- in other words, the individuals in the group must act individually, rather than conferring together.

Worth a look!

David Star

When I am meditating on a subject- I get the distinct feeling that I am in some way connecting to other people who are also focusing on that same subject. I also (afterward) feel like I am somehow more clear in my thinking as an individual.

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